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These contracts were carried out using a Weber One Coat rendering system.

Pre-bagged and just add water, this product eliminates the problem of colour variations in mixing. Applied in one 15mm coat, when cured the surface of the render is scraped leaving a 13mm flat semi-smooth finish that can be decorated.

Job 1: The render, although unsightly and weathered, was in fact solid and stronger that the wall structure itself. After grinding the surface to provide a mechanical key & 2 coats of pva to reduce suction, we then applied Weber One Coat. Stainless steel Bell Cast and angle beads were used. This was a 2 day project.

Job2: This area was open to the elements on 2 sides so after using moisture resistant plasterboard & skim to the ceiling we applied Weber One Coat to the new blockwork walls. You can see that the dry mortar joints are showing through, if this was traditional sand & cement render it would have been left for too long at this point and beyond achieving a satisfactory finish. When the Weber render is this dry it is ideal to rub up leaving a fine semi-smooth, flat finish.

Job 3: This gable end was in very poor condition and the blistering paintwork added to a very poor scene that was adjacent to a public walkway. After closing the right of way and hacking off the render coats, Weber One Coat was used to finish. With traditional renders this would have been a 3 day job, but with Weber One Coat, it was a 2 day contract for 3 men.
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